Grow // Light


Grow // Light is a journey of diving together into the Don’t Know Space, fully trusting the life force present in each and every idea or project that naturally strives towards its fullest expression. I invite my clients to look deeply inside themselves to connect with the essence of the project. Together we explore and find the creative and most impactful visual expression of that which is wanting to come to light. 

Grow // Light


Employing the full spectrum of the latest multi-media tools I create a stunning visual/aural product for your vision: 3d animation, motion graphics, interactive web page design, use-friendly interface, compositing, deep graphic design, logos, and video/image retouching.


I design and build high performing, well crafted websites, based on your customer needs and your business goals.


I create Motion graphics that are a fantastic tool to explain processes, products or dense subjects – in a short amount of time.


I use cutting-edge visual effects software and the latest visual imaging tools to create  magical worlds that take your audience’s breath away.  


I design to communicate. I develop the full layout and production design for applications such as advertisements, brochures, magazines and reports.

Save time and money by exploring your ideas and their real life impact in a visual form first. A powerful visual prototype will communicate your vision in a clear and direct manner. This will bring together the right people to make your idea happen in reality. 

Grow // Light



Interactive presentations are a great way to present information while keeping your audience engaged, a well-designed presentation can make all the difference.


Allows you to explore your ideas and show the intention behind a feature or the overall design concept to users before investing time and money into development.

Pablo Yorae Rodas

Multi-Media designer with eclectic ideas

25 years of experience in the world of visual design.

I graduated as Multimedia Director in Santiago de Chile and subsequently worked with the most prominent postproduction companies in Chile. I specialized in image retouching and VFX compositing for several years. After a life changing experience, I left that world temporarily and started my journey into Zen. I trained as a Zen monk for five years and deeply went into meditation practise. Nowadays, I integrate all my life experience in my work as a multi-media designer to bring out the essence of your idea or project. I am excited to start our journey together! Contact me.  


Let us Grow // Light together.

Pablo Yorae Rodas